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Preventing Burnout during a Global Pandemic

A benefit of graduating and then entering the workforce right in the midst of COVID-19 is that the transition to working remotely from home was a lot easier. I had been taking my classes at home for my last 1.5 semesters, so I was used to the discipline required to stay motivated and productive in…

FDS: Integration with fuikit (pt 3)

Hello again! Today I’m going to be writing again about FlexDataSource, this time integrating another library in LithoByte’s arsenal of tools, fuikit (functional UIKit). If you’d like more background on that library, I’ll refer you to another blog post here. I’d summarize fuikit as a way to tap into the functions of boilerplate UIKit classes…

FDS: FlexModelItems and FunNet (pt 2)

In the last blog post, I took a deep-dive into the basics of FlexDataSource, an extremely useful tool to quickly configure a relationship between models and UITableViewCells, and a relationship between an array of models and a functioning UITableView. As a quick sidebar, I just want to note that FlexDataSource also works with UICollectionViews much…

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