Hello world!

My name is Calvin Collins, and I’m a 23 year old computer programmer, specializing in Swift and iOS programming. I also have experience in NodeJS, Rails, and ReactJS, but for the past couple of years my passion has been building iOS apps. I graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in both Computer Science and Economics, and currently living in Portland, OR.

While the first year and a half of my experience in app development was comprised mainly of youtube tutorials and StackOverflow, six months ago I got connected to Elliot Schrock (http://elliotschrock.com), who introduced me to a realm of Swift that enables things I hadn’t though possible. He runs an app consulting company called LithoByte, and I urge everyone who is looking to build an iOS app to look through his blog posts (linked above).

Over the past few years, Elliot has been developing not only fast and efficient applications, but also tools to make operations common across all apps doable with a tenth of the code. These tools are all publicly available on CocoaPods, and while useful in their own right, using them all together produces highly readable, easy code. As a full-time employee for LithoByte, I’m constantly using these new tools and developing new ones, and this blog serves both as a way to educate programmers on how to use these tools and why its useful, as well as a conduit through which we can gain input regarding how to improve our tools.

These tools have made coding in Swift so much easier for me, and I want them to do the same for you. Happy coding!

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